Artist Statement

Jay L Clarke produces experimental amalgamations of material forms that communicate concepts surrounding the mind and body influenced by Freudian Psychoanalysis and Documents published by Georges Bataille and philosophy of the gallery space. The artwork is used as a platform to showcase the artists constant battle between control and chaos, self and environment. Artworks become unprecedented and result in outcomes that evoke an abjective response.
The artist applies a ‘heavy hand’ when using toxic or building materials such as paint, plaster, cement, foam, fillers etc. Since Clarke’s year of study in Bulgaria, there has been a constant attempt to transform these materials into humanoid forms, bodies and faces can be seen to emerge from the viscous compositions. Sometimes, the artist even creates works such as ‘Achilles Temple’ where they have been inflicted upon in the gallery space from fired arrows, to pieces being struck with a hammer, to being set on fire and thrown. These low-tech sculptures permeate the gallery space once in exhibition and violate the grandiose nature of the white cube.

The frequent use of expandable foam alongside a mix of plaster and bicarbonate of soda allows the artist to explore the element of chaos. Each application of foam is left to its own devices once placed in a shaped mould giving the sculpture such as ‘No Plans’ and ‘Brain Fart’ a sense of disfigurement and fragmentation.
Future works intend to move away from depicting human form with a greater focus on the performance of material application, transforming their practice into a process-based discipline. Most of these new pieces are heavily layered and the viewer can lose themselves in small sections of each wall mounted piece where new environments are created through the complex application of material.